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Working at Home Using Computers or Telephones Is Better Than Working in the Office

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement:
Working at home using computers or telephones is better than working in the office
As human society has developed, methods of working have evolved for increasing efficiency. Today, many people maintain that the traditional mode of working in an office does not fit the demands of modern life. Many people prefer working at home using computers and telephones. However, working in an office has irreplaceable functions and definite merits.
First, working in an office benefits people by allowing them to focus their energy. The environment in which people perform activities is important. For example, studying is often most efficient when it occurs in class, running is often faster on an athletic track, and driving is more rapid on a highway. Similarly, work tends to be more efficient and professional in an office. People typically feel that they should do work when they are in an office surrounded by colleagues. In contrast, when working at home, people experience less pressure to perform. The environment of home makes people more relaxed, thereby reducing the efficiency of work.
Second, working in an office makes communication among coworkers more personal. Communication is a significant aspect of working. By communicating in person at work, one can form relationships and receive important information. Relationships and information are crucial to a person’s career. When interacting face to face in an office, people have opportunities to gain critical information about their trade and market that they would not have if they worked at home.
Moreover, working in an office is convenient and can cut down on unnecessary expenses. An office has a full set of working accommodations. Workers can use any appliance they need in an office, whereas if they work in home, they may have to buy their own equipment. In this way, working at home wastes money and resources. Furthermore, professionals in some fields cannot buy...


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