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Working at Home

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Due to enormous advances in modern technology and deteriorating traffic conditions, especially in metropolitan cities --- New York, Shanghai, etc., the way in which the employees go to work has been dramatically altered. One of the suggested effective ways is to work at home. Basically, I believe working at home not only helps reduce the employees’ cost of transport but also improves their work efficiency, benefiting their boss in the meantime.(71 words)

The fact that the persistent traffic congestion, in particular one in the morning, often results in a long period of time wasted on the way to work and, if you are unlucky enough, lateness for work may justify the employees’ option for working at home. It is known that varying sources of stress have created serious sleeping problems --- for instance, insomnia. Therefore, many young employees who are burdened with work because most of them are eager to climb the ladder of success within the shortest time find it really hard to get up so early in the morning, full of energy. Allowing the employees to work at home, nonetheless, can make their schedule more flexible, which means they stand a chance of enjoying a better morning sleep for refreshment.

In addition, the bane of unsatisfactory work performance of the employees, it is claimed, may be attributed mainly to their limited time and energy, part of which to make matter worse are squandered on the way to work and back home. In consequence, the easiest way for the boss to improve his employees’ performance is to allow them to finish their work at home by saving the valuable time and precious energy wasted. Thereby, the employees may give themselves more willingly over to their work.

Yet there is one potential drawback with working at home --- insufficient supervision. It cannot be guaranteed that every employee will work to his maximum capacity, especially when he works at home. The boss, under such circumstances, find it almost impossible to supervise the...


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