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If You Need to Discuss Upsetting or Controversial Problems with Others, Using Email Text Messages Is Better Than Using Telephone/Voice Messaging

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As far as I am concerned, people from different cultures may have different behavior. So when they have to talk about some controversial problems, they make different choices on how to handle it. In that situation, I prefer using e-mail or text messaging to express myself. There are three main reasons to support it.
To begin with, I am a sensitive person that each tiny expression or nonverbal behavior can influence me a lot for I think they embody special meaningful. Even a glimpse of sight will bother me for a long time. Therefore, if I talk with persons about something upsetting or controversial, I would like to choose the euphemistic way such as sending e-mails or text messages. So that I would not be bothered by people’s reactions for I can’t see it and I can’t hear it. And then I adjust myself into the best condition to make a better decision to solve the problems.
Moreover, using a mild way to discuss upsetting and controversial problems could help us pour our feelings out which are too embarrassed to say directly. And it is the best way to avoid misunderstanding. Once upon a time, I had some problems with my friend in the senior high school. He helped me with my mathematics since we were freshmen. Nevertheless, it became a problem when his girlfriend came into my class. Avoid misunderstanding by his girlfriend, he suddenly didn’t talk to me and broken off our tutoring. I fell into deep sorrow, and was aware of that it is necessary to have a deep communication with him; otherwise I would lose a friend. But the words in my heart are hard to speak out directly to him. As a result of it, I wrote a letter which has three pages to him and told him everything I thought. Luckily, thanks to the letter did save our friendship. From then, I totally believe that writing words could help us get rid of upsetting and controversial situation.

In addition, writing down your ideas and opinions is the best way to avoid conflicting. When people are talking about upsetting...


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