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There are a few reasons why I want to attend Lake Erie College.   The two main attractions that caught my attention at this college were that I could play football while receiving an excellent education.   Both of these factors are critical to my decision making for the future because I love football and I want to succeed out in the real world.   I plan on pursuing an education that will set myself apart from the rest of the college students in the world.
One of my goals is to come out of college with a job and start my career of interest immediately.   I want to major in the chemistry or engineering field.   I am sure of this because I did well in high school in my math and science courses.   Chemistry is very interesting to me because I feel like it applies to the entire world.   Chemistry influences the way we make food, medicine, plastics, and anything else you can think of.   It’s all chemistry.   I believe having an education in chemistry will not only benefit myself, but the world.   This is because I can gain knowledge in something I am very interested in while researching cures to specific diseases or ways to better the food production industries.   Although chemistry is my main interest, I fear that a bachelor’s degree in chemistry would not be enough to get me a good job that pays me well to support my further education and myself.   I feel that after I get my bachelor’s of science, I wont have a good job, which will put me at a dead end.   The last thing I want is to waste four years on an education that isn’t even going to get me a good job.   Which is why I made engineering an option for myself.
Engineering is an alternative to the math and science field in which I am interested.   Although I might not be as interested in that as I am in chemistry.   A bachelor’s in engineering would definitely get me farther than a bachelor’s in chemistry.   Which means if decided to further my education in engineering after my four-year degree, it would be very possible to...


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