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Analyse the Changing Role of Hrm, Including Staff Planning, Recruitment and Retention. Secondly Analyse How the Role of Technology Impacts on the Management of Human Resources.

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Analyse the changing role of HRM, including staff planning, recruitment and retention. Secondly analyse how the role of technology impacts on the management of human resources.
City College is the 11th largest employer in Brighton and houses over 900 members of staff, each member of staff has their own timetable, informing them what time and what room to be in during their working hours. With 900 staff, organising this is not an easy job, HRM needs to plan everyone’s timetable to coincide and not overlap with other employees. At the same time it’s important to plan timetables with room to manoeuvre, for example if one lecturer replaces another, they may need a more flexible timetable and if this is not planned for properly, it may mean reorganising many other members of staff.
In my opinion, cutting costs on advertising is a bad idea, if the priority of City College is quality of teaching, surely by spending more money on high profile advertising and having a wider audience, would produce more qualified and committed applicants. If another business cut costs on advertising, for example coca cola, would they be so well known today. City College is a business and is essentially the product, if it’s not advertised in the right way, in the right places, less people will be interested.
When HRM was known as personnel, at this point it would be the job of personnel staff to hold interviews with applicants, however today HRM passes applications to Department managers to hold the interview. Whilst doing so, HRM does not pass on any of the applicants personnel information to the managers, so their cannot be any discrimination taking place.
Once a candidate is selected for the job, HRM at City College then do a CRB check, which is done slightly different than most companies, in that the applicant is not offered the job until after the result of the check comes back.
Recruitment is important for finding the best person for the job, however, more essential is...


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