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Performance enhancing drugs are finding their way into the lockers of athletes world-wide. Despite the efforts of governments, parents, and doctors, the demand for these athletic enhancers only seems to grow. As this effect continues it is becoming a big problem. These drugs are not only in the hands of professional athletes, but young adults and teens too. Since these performance enhancing drugs and supplements are not inspected by the Food and Drug Administration, they can prove to be extremely harmful to the health of the people using them. As a result, aspiring young athletes that are looking to bulk up and get strong are left vulnerable because they have no idea what they are putting in their bodies. For example, these teens are usually uneducated in the topic already. Now they find themselves looking for a quick fix. They see these performance enhancers as an opportunity to beat their buddy in the team bench press max. Unfortunately, the supplement they take in has a very strong stimulant; as a result, the athlete has a stroke and lands in the hospital. Luckily, in this case the teen makes it out alive, but this may not always be the case. Performance enhancing drugs can result in death! If that’s not scary enough, then what is? Performance enhancing drugs have many disadvantages that come

with their use; therefore, they must be banned to keep the lives and integrity of children, teens, and the athletic idols of the world safe.
There are a number of disadvantages that come with taking performance enhancing drugs, one of them being health risks. Using performance enhancers like steroids, stimulants, and diuretics can cause a person a lot of problems; even though, these enhancers are intended to improve athletic performance. Some of these drugs and supplements are naturally occurring, easily available and completely legal, but many are banned by sporting organizations and governments worldwide because of their affects. These enhancers can lead...


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