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Totem Pole Project

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Totem Pole Project Paragraphs
By Mark Morrissey
Welcome to my totem pole project paragraphs. In these paragraphs I am going to discuss why I picked my dog, my computer a baseball and my phone. On the wood I did drawings of the pictures the pictures of the objects I listed in my last sentence.
For the first object I picked my dog tucker. I picked him because I love him. I also picked him because he is playful, funny, and cute. He also was a big help when my other good doggy Babydoll died. I was so mad and he just helped me a lot. If I didn’t have Tucker to help me get through her death I don’t know if I would have gotten through it
For my second object I picked my computer. I picked my computer because it is very helpful. It helps me communicate with my friends via Facebook, AIM, and email. My computer also helps me type up essays, and projects. In fact if it wasn’t for my computer I would not be typing up this part of the project  
For my third object I picked a baseball. I choose a baseball because I love baseball a lot. I have been playing baseball since I was three years old. So I guess you can say that I am experienced. Baseball is a good way for me to stay active.  
For the third object I have chosen my LG Versa. I absolutely love my phone because it is a lot of things built in to one object. My phone has a detachable QWERTY keyboard. It is also a touch screen phone. My phone also helps me communicate with my friends via Texting, calling, mobile Facebook, mobile AIM, and mobile Email.
In conclusion I chose my dog, my computer, a baseball, and a phone because they help me with the things that are important to me. I love these objects because they are both necessities and luxuries


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