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How to Be Successful on the Labour Market.

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How to be successful on the labour market.

People have always wondered how to beat the competition, how to overcome other talented people and how to become the one, who is successful on the labour market.
To begin with it is important to stress out that in order to beat the market, you have to be the best at what you do, no matter whenever it is selling hot dogs or whenever it is managing sales. There is a saying in business world, if you are not nr. 1 or nr. 2, just leave. In order to be the best you have to pick the job you really desire, the position you really like. In addition you have to make concious improvement in order to stay on the number one spot.
Secondly, we need to address the point of how to project your personal greatness in order to win the approval needed from the employer. There is a rule of thumb: first impression counts. And it is made through your brief presentation of self: the curriculum vitae. It is vital to point out that the CV must be neat, well-formed document. Firstly, it shows you can manage and summarise things, it shows you care for how the things are done. Secondly, bad CV gives off a negative vibe, in other words if there are many candidates on one position, your document will be discarded first.
Now lets move on to the point that is usually overlooked and it’s value is usually underestimated. The experience is much more important than academic education or the „paper” (as it’s called). I strongly believe that any kind of work experience proves the capabilities of the worker. In addition it shows that your curriculuem vitae isn’t just a big puff of air.
Another great addition to resume is the fact that you are living active live. For example a healthy activity, or the passion for drawing or participation in some non-profit organisation. There are many more countless examples. Active life usually indicate to employer that you are healthy, live a happy life, can manage your time and know how to have fun.
To conclude, in...


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