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CORAZON AQUINO: Icon of Democracy

      Maria Corazon “CORY” Aquino, the woman of Philippine democracy and the first Filipino woman president passed away last Saturday at Makati medical center because of her colon cancer. The Filipino people was filled with tears and sadness together with the aquino family. Thousands trooped to a suburban Manila university stadium where Aquino's coffin, teeming with yellow roses and orchids, was displayed on a platform.Some mourners openly wept and carried yellow ribbons — the color that symbolized her democratic advocacy. One held an old poster of Ferdinand Marcos, the strongman she helped depose in 1986.
      Aquino rose to prominence after the assassination in 1983 of her husband, opposition leader Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr. The uprising she led in 1986 brought down Marcos' repressive 20-year regime and served as an inspiration to nonviolent resistance across the globe, including those that ended communist rule in eastern Europe. She is truly the woman of democracy because she gave the Filipino people a hope and the freedom that we are enjoying right now. Cory was also known because of the EDSA revolution that lead her dictatorship as president of the Philippines with the thousands of Filipino people supporting her. Even though her term ended, cory still performs and helps her people by supporting organizations and by getting involve in political movements of our country. Love of country and courage was the memorable traits of cory aquino,   and she is indeed the mother of our country because she showed that a woman can also rule and help a struggling country.
      The funeral rites was just finished this afternoon (August 6,2009) and also declared this day as a non-working holiday to pay respect for the burial of former president aquino. People showed again support to cory by attending the burial that lasted 8 hrs and 30 mins, not only ordinary people but also the burial was joined by political members and some of the...


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