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A mother carries her babies usually for nine months and goes through either labor or c-section to bring you into the world. They bring you home and make sure you always have what you need no matter what they have to do without. The mother either stays home all day with you and takes care of your every need or works so hard and comes home and works some more to make sure you have a nice hot supper or something to eat and bathes you and tucks you in. Usually, she spends some time with you, maybe reading a story. Sometimes, your dad is the one who does most of these things. It works both ways. For the most part, parents do their best to give you everything you need and do without if they have to.
Parents make sacrifices for us all of our lives and when they get old, I believe it is our duty, out of love, to take care of them. I do not think we should assume they are helpless just because they get older. If an elderly parent wants to stay in their own home and take care of themselves as much as they can, I believe we should respect that, but I think we should make sure they have whatever they need. If they cannot drive, we should check on them everyday to see if they need anything.
I think you should ask yourself if you would want to be stuck in some old folk's home when you get old and helpless. How would you feel if your children drop you off at some old age home and only visit when they are not busy. I realize we have our own lives, but if it was not for our parents we would not have life at all. We should always be grateful to our parents for all that they have done for us. I know that some kids are so selfish these days that they tend to put their needs before anyone or anything else. One day they will regret it if they neglect their parents. Even if they were not always the best parents in the world, we should be responsible for them if they become helpless or unable to completely take care of themselves.
Elderly parents can teach your own children so...


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