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The Decrease Programs for Birth Rate Actually Cause an Increase in the Number of Unrefined People

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      I. In any modern society, the importance of birth controlling has been approved. In fact, for prevailing welfare, it seems obligatory to control the number of births and prohibit numerous children within a single family. As a result of understanding the mentioned importance, Iranian government has used policies for controlling birth rate. These policies have had led to some good results like a general welfare. But it is causing a bad sub effect as well and that is an increase in the number of unrefined people.

      II. The government has adopted programs for controlling birth rate
        A. It has given some facilities such as free medical and contraception devices.
        B. It has prevented social facilities for the families with lots of children.
        C. It has had some cultural programs

      III. It has caused general welfare in the society.
        A. The number of unemployed people and youth are reaching together making it more prosperous
        B. The society's health has increased
        C. The crowdedness has decreased
        D. The society is happier

      IV. It has caused a raise in the number of unrefined people
        Unrefined families care less about birth rate controlling than refined ones.

      V. We have seen then, the policies that the government has adopted for birth rate management have caused some good results like a general welfare which has made or will make the society more happy, healthy and prosperous. The bad effect of raising the number of uneducated and unrefined persons is also a sub effect of these policies. So, it seems that the program should be scaled to make more opportunities for refined families to have even more children, while it restricts unrefined families in having more than a logical number of children.


      In any modern society, the importance of birth controlling has been...


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