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What Has Caused the Increased Use of Digital Technology and Its Effects on Communication

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Over a period of the last 20 years, the digital technology have had a rapid development and influenced the world deeply. It is a kind of science method which can show some information, images and sound through digital media like phones and computers. As the digital media grows, it gradually participates in the society and promotes the communication as a result.


One cause of why the use of the digital technology increases is that during the process of the globalization, a more convenient and widespread way is needed to update the news happened around the world (Thomas, 2008). Since digital technology can provide a much more productive and valid approach to get the information, it has been the milestone in the exchange of communication area and popular all over the world. “The internet is now users’ most important source of information and its importance has increased slightly in the last two years. This is a global phenomenon”, report by Scott Ewing and Julian Thomas (CCi Digital Futures, 2010). And seventy-five percent of the users think that internet makes the life easier and over 9 out of 10 consider it as a fast and effective way to get information (Ewing and Thomas, 2010). When the broadband access promotes in not only speed but also coverage, its advantages will be more evident.

The second likely driving factor can be that digital technology gives more fun. With the digital technology, songs and movies can be stored conveniently in the MP4 or phones and enjoyed wherever the users want. What’s more, surfing the internet to have a shopping online is a hot spot, too. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics in June 2010, the total profit made from online transaction rose greatly from $56.7 billion to $81.0 billion compared with last year.

The last and necessary cause is that the whole society’s living standard is rising and since using the digital technology has become more and more common, computers and other...


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