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Physics 11 - Energy Conversion Worksheet

1. A 75 watt light bulb is left on at your house over the weekend (48 hours).   What volume of water must fall off the 40m high John Hart Dam in Campbell River to power the light bulb?

2. The engine in a small aircraft produces 115 kw of power.   How long would it take this aircraft to climb from sea level to the top of Mount Everest (height = 8848m) if the mass of the aircraft is about 1200 kg?

3. A 92 kg Tarzan is holding on to a level 22m vine.   He swings on the vine.   What will his speed at the bottom of the swing be?

    4. A runaway truck with a mass of 32000 kg is travelling at 120 km/h when it starts up a runaway lane.   How far up the lane will it get (height above the ground)?

5. A car of the future requires 15 kw of power to travel along a level road at 65 km/h.   A physics student wishes to use the car to drive from Bowser to Qualicum, a distance of about 25 km.   The engine is driven by heat energy recovered from a special material which has a specific heat capacity of 9800 J/kgoC.   If the car has 350 kg of this material, the outside air temperature is 15 oC, and the engine is 88% efficient, to what temperature must the material be heated?

6. Some electric trolley buses use regenerative braking.   When the bus puts its brakes on, the wheels are used to drive a generator, which supplies electric power to the overhead lines.   If a bus has a mass of 8500 kg, and is travelling at 75 km/h, how much power can be generated if the bus stops in 8 seconds?


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