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Role of Hero

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Role of A Hero
Ralph Waldo Emerson defined hero as a person who is ashamed of its body, a person who obeys to a secret impulse of his character. A few populations in society inherit these qualities that Emerson stated. Not everyone risk his/her life to save others. When someone starts thinking of the peril he is going to face during the tragedy, this person is trying to demonstrate that his/her life is more important than the lives of a mass of people. However, if a person who showed heroism during a difficult situation, and he/she expected to receive honors from others then this person is not a hero. This was not the case with Todd and the other on fight 93 they came together as one to take down the hijackers. There was that day five of the American heroes, Tom Burnett, Jeremy Glick, Linda Gronlund, Todd Beamer and Sandra Bradshaw.
It is said that heroes walk with us every day just waiting for that time to come out and save us. As kids we think what it would be like to fly to have super powers what would we really do with them if we really had them would we use them for good? Jeremy Glick, traveling on the same flight also called his wife. Jeremy was 6'-2" tall and weighed 220 pounds; he was former college Rugby player and excelled in Judo. Here is what he told his wife (paraphrased): _"Honey, its bad news." "There are some very bad men on the plane. The men have a bomb and they have a knife. They are Arabic-looking men. They are wearing red headbands and there are three of them.".”We've had no contact with the pilots, but the men have taken over the plane and have moved everyone to the back of the plane and left us here." "Lyz I need to know something. One of the other passengers has talked to their spouse, and he said that they were crashing other planes into the World Trade Center. Is that true." [His wife pauses; not knowing what to say, but finally tells him it is true. There is a pause of a few minutes after hearing this.] "I love Emmy, take care of...


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