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A Perspective on Futurism

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An analysis of futuristic artworks will show emphasis on 5 major experiments, each representing the way of life in Italy during this period of social, political, cultural, and administratively corrupt society. Machine and war inspired experiments such as “movement and speed” which incorporated the use of harsh thrusting dynamic lines. The futurist’s perception and augmentation of “color and light” captured the reflection and reverberation of light in any environment--with special regard to those affected by the use of machine. Another study, “plastic dynamism” would stress observation and perversion of form. Experiments in the “interpretation of subject matter” became popular due to their characteristic merging of different elements within a frame of reference, and their arrangement as one whole collage or piece. And finally, a view already popular and often confused with late cubism, was “prismatic” or, the shattering of form portraying heavy use of triangularity and distortion. In futurism the modulation of these views are all characteristic of the impact machines have had on Italy and its society.

During this time, contaminated by corrupt leaders, anarchist, fascist movements and the hint of war, Marienetti evolved such experiments to illustrate the perversion of life on a daily basis. The hint of despair, degradation of women, the glorification of war, and the role machines take on the shape of human life, can all be found in works of this period.

These elements that have so shaped the experiments found to be popular in futurist works, have thus influenced such opinion in regard to works that have preceded this extremist’s era. Intolerance brewed for all that is “old and worm ridden.” This attitude called for the destruction of museums and artworks... essentially calling for the removal of history from modern day life. They regarded perennial works defiling to the mind and genre of futurism. Intolerance grew, typical of a society with demands...


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