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Rephrasing the Hyena Culture (the Pakistani Perspective)

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Rephrasing Hyena Culture (The Pakistani Perspective)
By Lt Col ® Tariq Mahmood Butt, TI(M)
The Hyena is a vaguely sturdy build, high shoulders, and long muscular limbs. It has a large head, broad, rounded ears. The Hyena is parasitic and borders on laziness. Being unproductive, doesn't use its brain, thus its capability to think and cultivate honest ways of survival is barely negligible. Of the three species of hyena, none is found in our beloved country, as in their usual self but we do have their replicas in human skin generously spread all over Pakistan, with large concentrations in the headship encampment.

With intelligent hunting skills, the Hyenas surround a toothless old hyena at the edge of the thorny hedged cattle kraal and bite it so hard that the only escape is to push through the sharp thorns. Once an opening is created; an army of fierce hyenas will go into a meat grabbing spree. Mostly associated with cowardice, hyenas will bite off cows' udders and goats' bowels before they even seek to kill their prey. They would go to the extent of also scavenging for food from graves and feed on the leftovers by lions and cheetahs. But sometimes the pride(group of lions) turns back and attack. This is exactly what happened with Mr Zardari. Knowing well that the swiss case is likely to come up, the Party and all coalition parteners pushed him into the cattle kraal, not at all expecting for the pride to turn back. To their utter disappointment, the pride did turn back (Judiciary and the media)… Who all are on the spree? Is an easy guess to make.

The most vicious type is the smaller, and even shyer brown hyena (Hyena brunet), which of course is the deadliest as it seems to be the most humble but yet  the most corrupt. Corruption in Pakistan has surged by whooping 400 percent in the previous couple of years, said National Corruption Perception Survey 2009 carried out by Transparency International. The National Corruption Perception Survey 2009 (NCPS 2009)...


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