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Activity Directing for Senior Citizens

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Activity Director for Senior Citizens
The best way to keep senior citizens motivated is through mental and physical activities.   Those activities are best coordinated through a professional director.   The purpose for an activities director at a senior citizens living home is to stimulate creativity in seniors’ lives.   By planning daily activities, it helps seniors to stay active and live healthier.   Keeping the residents active is also another great way to keep them social, which is good for their mental health.   Studies show that active elderly individuals tend to have a longer lifespan than inactive individuals [Nuble].
In certain senior living homes, it is mandatory to have an activities director because they give the elders goals and expectations for their health then they can expect to take better care of themselves [Pennington].   The end result, they can enhance the quality of their life [Beamon].   These types of goals include losing weight and removal of lethargy [Pennington].   These are both mental and physical goals.   “In order to achieve these goals, there are activities geared toward mental and physical health,” states Pat Beamon.
The mental health of seniors is activated through various activities that stimulate the mind.   One such example is bingo.   Bingo is always a hit with seniors [Wilson 1].   “Bingo encourages memory, listening skills, and reflexes,” says Matt Wilson from Free Press Times.   The participants have to remember which number goes with which letter on their multiple cards.   Some seniors that are hard of hearing need to listen carefully to understand the numbers called out [Beamon].   On various occasions the caller is not necessarily clear or sometimes speaks too quickly, the players need reflexes to cover their numbers as fast as he calls.   Bingo is a game adored by all seniors [Beamon].
Another game that takes place on a more formal level is the riddles game.   The Little Yellow Book, an activity suggestion book for directors,...


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