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Abortion - Essay 16

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Kelsi Filippone
Mrs. Lafferty
Honors English
May 19, 2009
The Right to Live
How would one feel looking back and realizing that their own child never experienced their first breath, first smile, or first laugh?   About 1.5 million American women each year choose to make the selfish decision of taking a helpless life before it even has the chance to speak up (Brown University Health Education).   Abortion, to some, may be the “easy way out”, however, how can one look at taking an innocent life away as anything but harsh?   Abortion is an unspeakable act in which women use to cover up a mistake and selfishly find a way out of a potentially difficult situation; when in reality it is an atrocity and a murder.
 Many people may look at abortion as just a quick and easy procedure, but if one was really informed of the bitter facts behind abortion, they might feel differently.   Abortion refers to removing the contents of the women’s uterus which would result in terminating the pregnancy.   In an early pregnancy, the abortion procedure that is used most frequently in the United States is vacuum aspiration which is commonly known as “suction”.   Although the procedure is said to be safe, how can one be comfortable with the decision of knowing that their own flesh and blood is being “vacuumed” out of their bodies?   What occurs during this 10 minute course is that the cervix needs to be opened enough for a small tube to fit inside of it.   The plastic tube is then attached to machine that operates a mild suction.   With this suction, the doctor then removes the endometrial lining of the uterus, the embryo as well as the placenta.   This kind of abortion may take place from anywhere from five to 16 weeks - which is when the baby will first start experiencing the usage of their hands - after the last menstrual period.   However, for pregnancies after this point, which represent 1/10 of the total number of abortions that take place, other methods are used (Brown University Health...


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