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Data: a Collection of Facts

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Data- A collection of facts from which conclusions may be drawn
  1. Statistics- Referring to data themselves and to the summarization of the data used in an experiment.
  2. Bar Graph- A type of diagram that illustrates a frequency of distribution using a bar chart.
  3. Pie chart-
  4. observation- an act of recognising and noting measurement of some magnitude with suitable instruments
  5. Benedict Test- a test for glucose
  6. Iodine Test- a test for starch
  7. Biuret Test- test for proteins and polypeptides
  8. magnification- The act or process of enlarging the physical appearance or image of something
  9. compound microscope- an optical instrument that augments the power of the eye to see small objects which consists of two microscopes in series, the first serving as the ocular lens and the second serving as the objective lens, nearest to the object to be viewed
  10. Field of Vision-
  11. cells- The structural, functional and biological unit of all organisms
  12. osmosis- Diffusion of a solvent through a semi permeable membrane from an area of low solute concentration to an area of high solute concentration
  13. impermeable- not permitting passage
  14. differentially permeable- semi permeable
  15. diffusion- The passive movement of molecules or particles along a concentration gradient, or from regions of higher to regions of lower concentration
  16. circulatory system- responsible for pumping blood from the heart throughout the body
  17. digestive system- responsible for the digestion of food
  18. skeletal system- composed of bones making the structure of the body
  19. respiratory system- unit of organs responsible for breathing
  20. enzymes- A catalyst or a chemical produced by cells to speed up specific chemical reaction
  21. hydrolysis- A chemical reaction in which the interaction of a compound with water results in the decomposition of that compound
  22. enzyme specificity-
  23. carbohydrates- foods made up...


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