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Developing Connections

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Tyler Abell - http://tylerabell.com
Developing Connections
A picture is more then a simple snapshot but rather art captured by a photographers eye. Yes, a photographer chooses when and where to snap a picture but has no control of the underlying meaning a picture contains. The famous saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” is true and relevant for every picture. A picture is merely ones perspective of the past and can be worth a thousand years. A picture can signify years of work, freedom, truth, love, courage, dedication, evil, good, and an unfathomable amount of opinions and creativity.
The wide range of interpretations of pictures vary from person to person, such as a person may interpret a simple thought from a picture while someone else interprets a completely alternate train of thought, that consists of complex thoughts. It is impossible to limit a picture to a few statements, but rather describe such an incidence with repetitive observation. When I observe a picture, I consider the direct relation that applies to my life, and what the picture is conveying specially to my interpretation. I attempt to become part of the picture, and understand the circumstance of the single snap shot of life. Once I have knowledge of the situation, I begin to process the connections that are contained within the picture. The picture begins to speak precise words to my mind, and I begin to relate to the picture on the proper level. Once I understand the direct relation the picture applies to my life, I begin to understand the picture for the subject’s application. When I understand the meaning of the picture to the subject is when I begin to respect the pictures meaning. By fully understanding the picture, I find a precise interpretation of the meaning and that way I can begin to take in rich and gathered thoughts that end with a lasting affect.
Relationships and socializing are important for a young child. Those who develop healthy relationships at a young age and...


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