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The Significance of Building Leadership and Community Capacity to Implement Self- Government; an article out of Aboriginal Self-Government in Canada: Current Trends and Issues, 3rd Edition.   Written by Brian Calliou of the Banff Centre Aboriginal Leadership and Management Program. This article discusses how establishing a self-government for Aboriginal peoples is a major time consuming issue and the variety of approaches that Aboriginal leaders can and do take to establish a self-government without the help of the Federal Government.

In the beginning of this article, Brian Calliou, states that the global certainly affects the local. I believe this statement to be true.   With the economy rapidly growing and enhancing technologically, I agree with Brian that the Aboriginal peoples need to build their knowledge and keep up with the current trends and times in order for them to properly function in today’s society.   I too believe that it is important that the Aboriginal leaders also keep up with current trends in order to properly communicate with the upper levels of the Federal government.   I found it to be very respectful that he states that the Aboriginal leaders “need not disregard their traditional principles but rather reconcile the modern tools with their cultural needs” by saying this he is not dismissing their beliefs and telling them that they need to conform, instead it is more of a compromise, as there needs to be in every relationship, to help per sway them to keep up with the economy.

Another point in the article that stood out to me was that the federal government negotiates self-government agreements according to a particular policy approach and framework that results in a restricted delegation of federal powers.   The Aboriginal communities feel that these policies and frameworks are too restrictive and argue that they have an inherent right to self-govern their communities based on their original sovereignty.   I feel as though by the Aboriginal...


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