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Harry Potter- What Would Happen If the Stone Was in Reality?

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The first book of the ‘Harry Potter’ series is called, ‘Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone’. The story mostly talks about Harry trying to keep safe the philosopher’s stone from Voldemort who is the wizard try to still the stone. The stone turns any metals to pure gold and gives extended life. If the philosopher’s stone excited in reality, there would be many issues surrounding this.
The issues would be mainly about the people who want the rock. They would only be looking for this rock because it would make them rich. They won’t be thinking about the problems it might cause them. For example, they might get a lot of thieves in their house because they want the rock. Even worse, they might be murders by this rock. As there are more problems, there will be two different groups: Who wants the rock to destroy and the people who want the rock to stay. This would case the world a separate group. They would not talk to each other and they might be a totally different people in one planet.
Other reason why would find the rock even stealing and murdering is because of the extended life. Most of the people want to live for a long time. They want to see what the world will change is times and they might want to see their families who are their generations. However, these might cause a problem too. The population of the planet will grow and there won’t be many spaces left on the land because people don’t die. The kids would be born and the spaces them to live would be gone.
J. K. Rowling who is the writer of the book ‘Harry Potter’ points out some issues about the stone if we had it in reality. Voldemort wants the stone for extended life. He wants to take over the world and he needed extended life to not to be dead. He tries to murder Harry to get the stone to his hand and uses one of his followers to steal the stone. This shows the picture of the world if we had the stone in reality.
There are only bad things will happen if we had the philosopher’s stone in...


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