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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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Harry potter   and the prisoner of Azkaban is an excellent book. Out of ten stars I would rate this one an eight because it was to short. Once you get into it and finish it. It seems so short, because it is so interesting. Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban starts out with a bang. In the beginning Sirius black a   Man accused of thirteen murders in one night escapes from Azkaban.( A wizard prison guarded to the tee by dementors, deadly spirits that feast on anything happy. Basically they suck the life out of you slowly until you go mad and lose sanity). Harry runs away on the same night and crosses the man without realizing it.   Since Sirius is an ananamugus he is able to turn into a giant black dog which sort of looks like “death”. When Harry gets to school and tells the administration of what he has seen, they tell him he couldn’t have seen that because it meant he was going to die.

They then tell Harry to be careful with his actions. Later on in the story Harry and his friends get lead outside to a secret shack because of a screaming that they hear. In the shack they confront Sirius the man accused of killing Harry’s mom and dad and they try to capture him. Sirius tries to explain to Harry and the gang the truth but does not get through to them because of Harry’s anger and rage. With a little help from surprise visitors Harry realizes the truth and his judgment changes toward Sirius. Sirius tells him he was tricked and that he was partly responsible for their death. But he would do anything to change the past. He was then appointed Harry’s stepfather. After another scuffle Sirius is caught and taken up to Hogwarts dungeon where he was to be executed by a dementors kiss (in which the soul is sucked out through the mouth). Dumbledore knows the truth and helps Harry save Sirius. Sirius leaves for a hiding place and their he resides until his death in the 5th book. The conflict in this story was trying to find Sirius and find the truth. It is solved when...


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    • "grammer and spelling is wrong. Everything is wrong. What grad are u in one?!" Perhaps try to spell correctly yourself when criticising someone else on spelling and grammar. Now that I've finished with such trivialities, I would like to make an actual comment on the review. The grammar and spelling is quite appalling; this needs to be concentrated on if you are to gain any credibility as a writer. I suggest you focus on literary appreciation, and write on books you have thoroughly enjoyed. Hopefully you can strengthen your writing skills through this means. Good luck!
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    • grammer and spelling is wrong. Everything is wrong. What grad are u in one?!