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A Case of Mistaken Identity

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A Case of Mistaken Identity

Their dad gave them a kiss as he set off for his early shift at work. He went to the bathroom where he routinely splashed water on his face trying to get rid of the cobwebs of tiredness. Then he got into his car that started with a roar and began his journey to Shannon Airport. His small quaint house began to quickly disappear in the rear view mirror as he drove down his long driveway. Tom was a detective and had a crime to solve down in Cork.
When Tom reached the airport he went through the regular check - ins and security stops until he was settled on the helicopter. The flight was very pleasant, no unexpected turbulence. Tom and the pilot exchanged a few comments on the weather, which was cloudy and that was pretty much it for conversation. Tom looked out the window of the helicopter, it was beautiful. Everything was green. Everything was great until the pilot unrepentantly told Tom he was getting his own back and hoped he rotted in hell. The pilot looked at him antagonistically. He was starring at him, his eyes full of revulsion.
It took Tom a few moments to lodge this in his head and when he did, it was too late. The helicopter with a blast of speed went full force into the ground, with a huge bang. The fire blazed into the sky brightening the dull cloudy day. All that was left was the mangled debris of the helicopter which lay on the black grass created by the fire of the plane.
Grainne and Emily, his daughters, were enjoying “Home and Away” when Ann their mother barged through the squeaky door. With great pity in her voice she explained what had happened   to their father. The girls eyes began to water as they saw a spasm of total sadness fill their mother’s suddenly childlike eyes.
Soon after the funeral had passed the family were starting to come to terms with the faith of their father. It seems their was a fault in the helicopter and nothing could have been done about it. Ann went for a shower and then she...


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