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Poetry Essay

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Poetry Essay Hannah Lynn
The poem ‘In the Snackbar’ by Edwin Morgan is a poem which uses lots of techniques. It is through these techniques that we see many aspects of the blind man’s personality. Which explores the theme of endurance.
At the very beginning of the poem we see the old man having trouble standing up. ‘An old man is trying to get to his feet.’ The word trying suggests that it is a struggle to stand up that even the simplest thing for this man is a difficulty. It then goes on to say, ‘ slowly he levers himself up, his hands have no power.’ Once again it is a small thing made into a big thing; he also needs his hands to stand up. Also the word power suggests that he is old and frail that he doesn’t have the energy in him. This gains sympathy from the reader and helps to understand what it must be like for this man every day.
In the next quote it is obvious that the poet is trying to provoke the reader to pity this man. ‘Long, blind, hunch-back born, half paralysed,.’ This is an obvious example of what he has to endure, he doesn’t just have sight problems he has lots of others as well. It makes us feel sorry for him and at this point we can empathise with him and try to understand what it would feel like.
The writer uses many techniques to show how much the man has to endure; one of these specifically is repetition. ‘Inch by inch, we drift towards the stairs.’ The effect of the repetition is magnificent we can imagine it. It shows how that even though he’s walking slowly it is progress. This line also contrasts the rest of the poem because it is light, it makes it appear to be cheerful and happy, when the poem is all about how this man suffers.
Another technique that the poet uses, to show how much he endures, is exaggeration. ‘A few yards of floor are like a landscape to be negotiated.’ This makes it seem like it is even more complicated than you would first think. We see that even a tiny distance is a struggle and it seems to be a big...


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