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The Woman's Movement

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The Women’s Movement

Women have been through many obstacles in the course of history. Women were seen as nothing more than objects. Women were something that could be bought and owned. Women were not even recognized as people in the constitution. Women were seen as small helpless creatures that needed a man to run their lives. But it is obvious that this is not the true. We are stronger than many men as well. We wanted equal right so we fought for what we believed in. Women took their lives into their own hands.
Our start seemed to be going in our favor. In the year 1701, women were being incorporated onto the jury. It seemed that things were becoming more equal. But instead of moving forward with time we went back. In 1769, it seemed women were not even fully human. The colonies of America had incorporated the laws they saw in the Blackstone Commentaries. The Blackstone Commentaries was a text by Sir William Blackstone that spoke of the laws of England. The Blackstone Commentaries suggested that if a woman was married, she and her husband only counted for one person. The text states that “the very being and legal existence of the women is suspended during marriage, or at least is incorporated into that of her husband under whose wing and protection she performs everything.” Meaning woman needed their husband’s protection or so the text expressed. It is basically saying that in this time period woman did what everything that their husbands told them. Men gave the orders, and the women followed. In the year 1777 man showed us how much they ran the women community. The state of New York passes a law that revoked women’s rights to vote.   All the states passed a law that took away the right for women to vote. Massachusetts followed in 1780, and New Hampshire in 1784. In the United States Constitutional Convention placed the voting specifications in the power of each state. In the end, all states decided to retract women’s rights to vote, except for the state of New...


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