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Spice- Cinnamon

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Cinnamon goes old school, dating back to the biblical times when Moses cruised the earth. He was commanded to use the spice in Hebrews and also it can be found in Proverbs, when the lover’s bed was sweet smelling with myrrh, aloe and cinnamon. Scientifically, cinnamon is called Cinnamomum zeylanicum belonging to the Lauraceae family; it is also sometimes called “true cinnamon.” Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka where the spice comes from the evergreen tree bark. There are three other related species to Cinnamomum zeylancium which are; Cassia (Cinnamomum aromaticum), Saigon Cinnamon (Cinnamomum loureiroi) and Cinnamomum burmannii which can be labeled as cinnamon. True cinnamon uses only the thinner inner bark of the tree and is very crumbly, finer and less dense texture than the other three. The main difference you can see when buying cinnamon in stores is that “true cinnamon” is layered while the others are just one big piece.
According to The International Harold Tribune, “90% of the world’s production of cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka. However, it is also grown commercially in Tellicherry (in southern India), Bangladesh, China, Java, Sumatra, the West Indies, Brazil, Vietnam, Madagascar, Zanzibar, and Egypt.” Cinnamon is most commonly used for spice which is put into many different recipes, but it is also used in things such as; chocolate, apple pie, candies, donuts, cinnamon buns, tea, hot cocoa and many other food and condiment products used every day. Surprisingly, cinnamon had also been used in products like mosquito repellant which was very surprising to me.   One thing I found on the internet that was very interesting was called, The Cinnamon Challenge. In this challenge one tries to eat a tablespoon of crushed cinnamon without inhaling or vomiting the cinnamon. It has been attempt by numerous amounts of people but few were able to succeed. The challenge is extremely difficult because when you bring it up to your mouth most people inhale it through their...


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