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Gökhan ÇELİK 15.12.2008



Resurrection is one of the main basis’ of the belief in Islam. In Islam, everything in the universe will be vanished and rebuilt. At first, there must be a Creator to explain the resurrection, because nothing in the universe can be done by itself. For example, a needle can’t be without a master. A book can’t come into being without an author. A country can’t exist without a prime minister. Therefore, the systematic and magnificent universe cannot be without a Creator. Before the argument, it must be accepted that there is a God who orders the entire universe and has created everything and is also creating. Resurrection is a very important concept, because it affects people’s life styles in the world and otherworld. Although it is a very important condition, there is a controversy that resurrection will be done or not. Even though it is asserted that resurrection is like a superstition and there is a lot of obstacles to rebuilding the whole universe and human bodies,   resurrection can be explained and accepted by the intelligence since human great features, day of judgement, Creator’s power and Acb-uz-zeneb are telling everybody that “Yes, It is clearly that resurrection will be done.

It is asserted that there is no need to resurrection and the other life. Living in the world is enough for the people. Everybody can live however they want and don’t have to give report to anyone. However; if anyone observe the universe with a faith eyeglasses, he/she can discover the causes of the resurrection. Human’s great features and the day of judgements for the whole lived things are the most available situations that explain the causes of the resurrection. It is further argued that it is not being understood that why the other world will be created and everybody generally works only for this world and they can live whatever they want. However, if anyone observes the human’s great features, proofs of...


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