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Mernissi makes the claim that "Any man who believes that a Muslim

woman who fights for her dignity and right to citizenship excludes

herself necessarily from the umma...is a man who misunderstands

his own religious heritage, his own cultural identity" (Mernissi

viii).   She goes about supporting this claim by delving into the

very detailed documentation of Islam history.   She attributes

misogyny in the past and present Muslim culture to the male

elite.   She gives many examples of how Muhammad and Islam have

only supported equality of the sexes and also how the male elite

used false hadiths and very narrow interpretations of the Koran

and true hadiths for their purpose.

She begins by describing how the male elite started running things

right from the onset of Muhammad's death.   When a successor to

Muhammad was picked, it did not involve the people of the

community at all or any women.   It was done by a small group of

followers which were very close to the prophet, a sort of elite

group.   This sort of leadership in Islam continued in the same

manner as only the elite were involved.   This helped preserve what

they thought was essential and according to the interests of the

participants the essentials varied.

The fabrication of false hadiths by the male elite was probably

the first and most popular way for them to protect their

interests.   The people governing knew how important it was to

"seek legitimacy in and through the sacred text" (Mernissi 43).

Mernissi talks about al-Bukhari, who methodically and

systematically collected and verified true Hadiths.   He was exiled

from his native town because he refused to bring the knowledge of

the Hadith to the governor of the town and have it corrupted.   He

knew that the invitation from the governor was made only for...


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