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According to www.californiaprolife.org/abortion/aborstats.html, nearly 1.3 million babies are aborted each year? That is too many babies murder because the mother doesn’t want the responsibility of a baby or whatever other reasons.   Abortion is wrong, it is murder, and there are other ways.
Abortion is immoral because when a baby is in the womb it is a living person because it is breathing.   This means the people that choose to have an abortion are murders.   The baby in the womb develops human parts as the days go by.   It is alive because it can suck its thumb.   The baby has to have nutrients when it is in the womb because it is a living person.
Abortion is murder.   When you have an abortion you are killing a living person.   God can tell what a baby is going to be before he is born.
A baby in the womb is breathing.   It can do all kinds of things after so long in the womb.   It can breathe, and it has a heart beat.   According to www.californiaprolife.org/abortion/aborstats.html, the number of unborn babies that die every year is 11 times greater than the combined ways Americans die.
Abortion is wrong because god intended for every baby to be born.   Abortion should be illegal because it is murder.   Every baby deserves to be born and live even if they are a one night stand because there are other ways.   One other way is adoption.   You can save a life and the baby can have a good family if you put the baby up for adoption Babies are living people and murder is against the law.   So, abortion should be against the law.
Abortion is wrong on many different levels.   I have shown you many statistics that show you how many babies are aborted each year.   People should consider what I have said because it would save so many lives.

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