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Effective Communication

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Course: Bachelor of Applied Social Sciences



Module: Interpersonal communication

Word Count: 1837

This essay will include:
-An overview of the communication process, including verbal and non-verbal
-Definitions of key terms
-A discussion of barriers to effective communication
-A discussion of factors that assist effective communication
-Suggestions for strategies to improve communication
-Reference to relevant literature, linking your ideas to theory discussed in the module.

Communication is clearly a necessary part of life, every day we communicate with others as our lives depend on this. We communicate at work with our colleagues, clients and our boss, at home we communicate with our spouse and family members and lastly we also communicate with our friends regularly. Effective communication can literally make or break us as they decide the quality of our relationships.

Now, communication has evolved dramatically throughout human history, only about 300,000 years ago our human ancestors developed the larynx, pharynx, hyoid and skull base that rendered them physically capable of speech. (Hart-Davies, 2007) Back in these times we were communicating our needs with basic grunts as our brains and bodies were in a key developmental stage. However, nowadays we communicate through a whole variety of means. Particularly in one area of our advanced civilization, as we now utilize technology, we send e-mails, talk using an online messaging service, we regularly make phone calls and even use social networking sites to stay in contact with loved ones.
Yet, aside from using technology to communicate we also communicate face-to-face, and in doing so we not only communicate using words, we communicate utilizing non-verbal communication. Non-verbal communication, such as our tone of voice, non-facial body language and use of eye contact are prime examples of non-verbal communication. “When you speak with two or...


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