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Communication Skills

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    ← Communication:
Communication is the ability to share information with people and to understand what information others want to convey.
Communication skills can be of many forms, including:
    • Gestures
    • Facial expressions
    • Signs
    • Speech
    • Written communication
    • Vocalization

    ← Definitions of Communication:

        ❖ Burleson and Steiner:
          The transmission of information ideas, emotions, skills etc by the use of symbols, words, speeches, figures, graphs etc are called communication.

        ❖ Miller:
          Communication means that information which is passed from one place to another.

        ❖ Edward R.Murrow:
          The newest computer can nearly compound at a speed the oldest problem in relation between human beings and in the end the communicator will be confronted with the old problem of what to say and how to say.

        ❖ Weaver:
          Communication is all of procedures from one place to another.

    ← Purpose and objectives of communication:
          Purpose of communication depends on what your objective is for communication.
  There are different methods of communication.

        ❖ Effective communication in following situations:

        i. Life long process:
          Communication is the process which starts from birth to death that is why it is called life long process.

      ii. Multifaceted process:
          The communication is an interactive process between sender and receiver.

      iii. Problem solving and decision making:
          Communication takes place for solving real life problems and it may also be done for decision making.

    ← Importance of communication (life blood of organization):

    a. Communication is very important to for any organization because the operations of the organization cannot be done...


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