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The Causes of Divorce

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A minister welcomes those present to celebrate a rite of passage. Before him stand a couple, with an intimate group of friends and children. Another happy wedding, hardly! This ceremony is recognizing the end of their marriage. Yes, divorce has become so common that some churches have adopted divorce liturgies! The fundamental attitudes that people hold towards marriage have changed. Respect and reverence for an institution long held sacred is eroding. So around the world, divorce is becoming more acceptable. In the following paragraphs we will examine some of the causes that can lead to divorce. A lack of communication, infidelity, premature marriage and incompatibility or personality conflicts are factors which are usually at the heart of marital conflict all over the world.

Firstly, and most likely the most common cause of divorce in today’s society is a lack of openness and communication in a marriage. Lack of communication is the villain that devastates many homes; arguments explode that shake the very foundation of a marriage. While women work their fingers to the bone washing, cooking, cleaning and taking care of children, many men enjoy time spent in ‘hanging around’. It is not unusual for men to go out socializing after work, which they claim is a must for smooth human relationships at work; while they ignore smooth human relationships at home. Both men and women with career-first mentalities are quick to sacrifice their families for their work. Tired after a day of work, the husband buries his head in the newspaper or looks at a football game on television. Also, a wife may come home from a long day at the office and prepare dinner for the family, attend to the needs of her children and head straight to bed forgetting that her husband even exists. This constant lack of communication can soon lead to a rift in the marriage resulting in a separation or divorce.

However, besides a serious lack of communication in most marriages, there is also the issue...


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