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"why will some1 search the entire house for the remote but wont get up and change the channel?" - HongNhung

Mind Your Language.........Be a Good Person....Get a Life....!

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Hey I am back finally......

So what the F**K were you doing all these days?

If you don't do it I'll F**K your case!

F**K YOU! I'll do whatever I want

Kya Maa Ch*d raha hai.......???

Shocked to see the above sentences.....?????
Don't be.....its a so called "new style" of speaking with friends that people have developed....
Yes....I am sure many of you use these terms...The "F" word,the MC's and BC's in hindi.

How about writing the above sentences in this way

So what were you doing all these days..

If you don't do it I'll ruin your case

Kya baat kar raha hai....

Doesn't this sound more polite and well mannered.
I think most of us have forgotten our manners we learnt in school....


If you still give a damn then go back to school people! Learn the good values from the primary students who may be 1/2 your age,or ever 1/3rd your age or more.....
Does your ego hit you then??? lol....

This is a very debatable topic...

When I asked a friend as to why he abuses even during a casual talk...He Replied..
"forget it man,why the F**K are you bothered!"
How am I supposed to react to this kinda answer?
I just keep quiet..

People use these vulgar,abusive terms so frequently that it becomes a habit....

Some people even use these terms while speaking with their elders and parents...


So much so that it becomes difficult to speak without using F***,BC,MC etc....

I really fail to understand why!

Always keep in mind that every person you want to talk to won't tolerate this type of slang language.
People may even take these terms seriously....... and slang language might even hurt some people.

Start speaking the normal language..is all I can say.....Speak good words,be well mannered!

Thats it....
Hope you take the above seriously and raise your voice against the use of slang language..
Will be back soon,
Till then,


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