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Comparison of 'Zanzitravel' and 'Holiday Disaster'

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Comparison of Zanzitravel and “Holiday Disaster”

The two pieces I am comparing are a tourist information sheet titled “Zanzitravel” and a magazine/newspaper article “Holiday Disaster”. Both the pieces are about the holiday destination Zanzibar in Africa.

The first piece, Zanzitravel, is a factual piece which advertises Zanzibar as a great holiday destination. “couched in the Indian ocean”, “60 miles long and 20 miles wide” and “25 miles from the coast of Tanzania” are all facts because they are all true statistics. There are very few opinionated sentences in the piece, a reason for this could be because it is to advertise the place, visitors will mainly want to know the facts about the destination instead of what people think. Although saying this, there still are some very convincing opinions which may lead you to think they are facts for example “the people are a stunning and welcoming mix”, is just someone’s opinion of what they think the people are like.

There are many purposes of this piece, a few of them being to inform, convince and persuade the reader. It is providing information to inform you of what Zanzibar has to offer and trying to convince the reader that it is a good place to go and persuade them to go there. Other purposes are to instruct and advise, the article does this by telling you what is and what isn’t acceptable in Zanzibar. Finally two more purposes are to promote and advertise Zanzibar. By making a tourist information sheet it is advertising Zanzibar to possible visitors.

In my opinion, the text is aimed at adults. This is because the language that is used, for example “unspoilt by mass tourism” wouldn’t be understood by children and it is likely that children wont be interested by many of the high tourism points that are included in the text.

The first thing I noticed was that the text is set out quite simply and easy to read in paragraphs which is a lot better than big chunks of writing because it doesn’t appeal to...


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