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Signification of Allie's Mitt in Catcher in the Rye

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Holden has a young brother named Allie.   They were very close but unfortunately, he passed away after a long battle against leukemia. Certainly, Holden always knew that his young brother would die but he wasn’t prepared to the fact that he won’t be there anymore with him.   When Allie was still alive, the two brothers were spending unforgettable moments together.   Always laughing or playing, there were never fighting but it did happen shortly before the last day of Allie on Earth. Holden still feel guilty about Allie’s death because he still think that the way he rejected him that day was one of the major reason he passed away.  
Allie has a mitt that he liked very much.   On it, he wrote that he used to read in the field when he was actually playing baseball.   That’s why his older brother, Holden, took the mitt when he died and put it in his suitcases so he can bring it with him everywhere he goes.   For him, this mitt represents all the good moments he spent with him.   When he is in a bad mood or he’s feeling guilty about his death, he read the poem wrote on it to remind him how brilliant was he’s brother and how he was when he was alive.   I think that this mitt represents the relationship he has with his brother.   For him, the mitt is related to Allie’s soul because all the poems are identified to his personality.   Part of the poems had been written because it meant a lot to Allie and were significant.   So when Holden is reading these poems, it’s like he’s reading a part of Allie’s soul.   It helps Holden to keep the link he had with Allie because he didn’t have the chance to say goodbye: he missed the funeral. He didn’t have the chance to look at Allie and to see how quiet and peaceful he was.   He didn’t have the chance to let go the relationship he has with Allie.   When he will give the mitt, it will be the day where he will say goodbye to the link he had with Allie when he was alive and he will start to think about him as a dead person who is okay where he is....


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