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1 John and the Basics of Faith in Christ

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Kirk Freeland 1st John

1st John was written by John, the apostle/ disciple sometime between 85/95 A.D. He was writing to believers from Ephesus as stated in 1st John 5:13. He was probably writing to his own churches concerning the assurance of eternal life . As it seems , there was some doubt as to whether or not they were really saved. I feel as though this letter is more personal than a circulation letter, because he seems to be rather personal in referring to it's recipients. He calls them his brethren, little children, and his flock. He does not even introduce himself, as though it will be well known it is he. Picture John way past retirement age sharing this message, being the disciple Jesus loved, the last one actually still living and being in the intermost circle of the disciples of Jesus with John, his brother James and Peter. This shows that he did have special fellowship with the Lord, Jesus Christ, while he was still alive and had an eye witness experience of the ministry of Jesus Christ. John was truly a giant of the faith. He was someone we would listen to for assurance of fellowship with the Father and with one another. What seems to be going on here is that some have left the Church claiming to be some sort of elite, super Christians or having some sort of knowledge they did not have. These false teachers were the beginning of what later became the Gnostics. Ebionites = Denied the deity of Christ's teaching saying he was merely a creature. Docetists = Denied that Christ had come in the flesh and thought he was void of human nature. Cerenthians = Denied the union of the two natures of Christ prior to his baptism. John used the word "know " in this letter some 20 something times to strengthen their faith and fellowship with their " secret" knowledge. Some other key words in this epistle are believe, life, light, love, and fellowship. There are several themes that seem to repeat themselves throughout this letter....


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