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Over Protective Parents

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Over Protective Parents

Do you have parents who nag you about breaking curfew, or don’t allow you to go outside and hang out with your friends? Or even talk and text you’re your friends. Then you’ve got over protective parents!!!   Face it your not going to be able to do anything fun unless your parents approve of it. Which really sucks for a teenager. Guess what though, I’ve got three reasons why I think some parents are SUPER over protective. Some parents are too strict. Other parents feel it is unsafe for their kids to go outside and play by themselves. A third reason would be that parents don’t allow their kids to do anything without them watching over their backs.

Some parents are way too strict. They get all in your face when you do something. When you don’t do anything, they still get all in your face. That’s is so frustrating. When you come in one minute after curfew, you would think that you wouldn’t get in trouble, right? Wrong!!! Strict parents will kill you if you do this one little mistake. Some parents make too many rules just to control their kids. How fun is this, following these rules until you reach adulthood. Frustrating again. If your parents still give you a bedtime, and you’re a teenager. HAHAHA!!! Oops, sorry about that. But that’s got to suck. A teenager still getting told when to go to sleep. That’s sad, but that proves you have strict parents. But this isn’t the only reason to prove that parents are over protective of their kids, they’re plenty more.

Other parents don’t let their kids go outside by themselves. I would understand if your kids are under 10 years old, but if they are teenagers, WOW! They should now be old enough, and have some common sense to go outside on their own and not get themselves into trouble. Would you want your kids to be softies when they grow up? If parents don’t allow their kids to go outside, they probably will not become independent, and most likely will depend on their parents to do everything for...


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