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Today's Youth

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Patricia Louise V. Navarro ENGLCOM WC EQ2
July 16, 2013 Ms. Clarisse Ilustre
With a fast-paced environment, hi-tech gadgets and fancy lifestyles, are the youth of today worse compared to the youth then? Youth is commonly defined as “the age between childhood and adulthood” (dictionary.com, n.d.). We find the youth today stand out. One can easily spot them in a coffee shop their Venti Iced White Chocolate Mocha in one hand and a cigarette on the other, complete with their unique way of communicating, like, you know, do you get me? How weird right? Their generation or our generation can easily be distinguished – driving fast, breaking curfews, partying, drinking, dealing with drugs and getting away with it. We find the youth of today as more dependent, less health-conscious and show little to no good moral character.
First, today’s youth tend to be more dependent. The availability of the internet for anyone with a computer, a tablet or a phone is taken for granted. Homework and researches are just a click away that today’s youth forget the leisure of going to the library and looking for the books you need. Same goes with the use of social media. Teens are so dependent on social media and sites like Facebook and Twitter, among others. This proves that today’s youth takes their social media life seriously and as a result, pay more attention to it too, which brings me to my second point.
Today’s youth care less and less about their health. Because of the time they spend on the internet, teens nowadays hardly go out to the park and exercise. In addition to that, today’s youth enjoy unhealthy fast food. The demands of the of the fast-paced lifestyle   take them to fast food joints where they snack on cheap but unhealthy food, forgetting the leisure of mom’s healthy cooking at home. Some would even spend a ton of money for fancy coffee and fancy biscuits that hardly taste a thing. Today’s youth hardly...


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