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Social Intolerance

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Inherit the Wind, Social Intolerance
The book, Inherit the Wind, was based on a true trial and changed the United States court system forever. The book displayed many prominent themes including: religion, intolerance, and humiliation just to name a few. The most prominent was the social intolerance which also goes on in the world today. Social intolerance played a major role in Inherit the Wind because the trial was about Darwinism, which the people of Hillsboro refused to believe anything about; similar to the treatment of Israeli Jews by Arab countries that are Muslim.

One of the most prominent themes of the story was the townspeople obsession and love for Matthew Harrison Brady because he was an expert on the bible, and the refusal of Darwinism. This theme was eminent since the beginning of the story. The first scene that shows this theme is when workers are putting up a banner that says "Read Your Bible", proving the people's religious zeal. (Lawrence and Lee 11-12) Another scene that shows the townspeople love for Brady was when he arrived by train. Almost the whole town went to greet him while they were singing a hymn. (Lawrence and Lee 13-14) After the townspeople escort Brady back to town, they want him to give a speech, take some pictures, and they even make him a brunch. (Lawrence and Lee 20-24) Also, the mayor declares Brady an honorary colonel in the state militia. The city is so against Darwinism that the mayor and reverend try to think of ways to prevent the defense attorney, Henry Drummond from entering their city. Brady tells the city to accept Drummond because he says a victory will be much more prominent. (Lawrence and Lee 26-29) All of these reasons prove the point of social intolerance of Darwinism and love of the bible and Brady.

Another prominent theme is the unfair and biased court system. When Brady and Drummond are examining jurors, the people on stand are clearly religious people. When asked, one of the potential jurors, Dunlap,...


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