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Vocational Education

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Our opponents have tried to make us believe that middle schools should not offer vocational education. While it is true that American education has proceeded with the supposal that all students should be prepared for college, the fact remains that many either choose not to attend, or do not qualify to enter university. Training students in areas where they exhibit promise is the right way to go. It opens the world for those students who are unsure whether they want to attend college. In this speech I will refute my opponents contentions and give examples on why they are wrong.

      I will begin by negating the first claim, that vocational education leaves large gaps in a child’s regular education. It is true that participating in a vocational program may take time off learning the topics of math, literature, science, and foreign languages. But if you think about it, after vocational training, you are ready to get a job right away. Vocational education tends to focus around several careers, such as auto repair, woodworking, carpentry, blacksmith, cosmetology, and other fields. None of them need much use of math, science, or literature to work, as long as you have been trained properly in the job. Even if you did, that part of what you need to know would be covered in during vocational training, so it is a good idea to offer vocational programs early during middle school to train students where they really show promise and dedication.

      As for my opponent’s second contention, that vocational programs cost too much for the government to pay in a time of a bad economy like the one we have now. But colleges would cost more per student. Due to the increase in college expenses, many parents and students are opting to explore the vocational training options that are available. With the costs of college rising to close to 50,000 dollars, it is becoming hard for many to be able to afford. Also, while many employers are forced to spend weeks searching for the right...


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