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Brazil is a country of contrasts. When someone hears the word Brazil, they think of the great Amazon forest, fantastic beaches, great soccer players, Carnival time, and the hot girls. Well Brazil is the most important country in South America, and certainly has much more to offer – warm people, great cities with everything from slums to high technology, a wide range of weather patterns, an awesome mixture of cultures and races – and much more!
However like most of the countries in South America, we have problems as poverty, drugs problems, violence, and mainly corruption. I would say Brazilians even with all these problems we have a good mood, and these problems are nothing more than just human nature; everybody has it just in different levels, but even with all of these problems we still have a lot of tourists from everywhere. I think is because of our reciprocal passport way to other countries, which make us a neutral friendly country.
The most visited places in Brazil include Fernando de Noronha Island, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro (which all the tourists thinks is one of the most beautiful cities in the world), and Iguaçu falls. I’ve been in all this places and they are beautiful, and unforgettable. So if you have the chance to go in any of these places, you will agree with me and you will tell others about it, just like my host parents!
Fernando de Noronha Island is an archipelago discovered five hundred years ago. The islands are the remains of volcanic mountains jutting up from the Atlantic. There are twenty small islands, one larger one, and scores of beautiful beaches where clean sand, pure water and fabulous marine life abound, but the tourism is restricted to 420 visitors at a time. However is probably the most beautiful place you will ever be – it’s worthy!
Carnival in Rio has been called the world's most famous party. A million tourists join millions of Rio de Janeiro citizens ("cariocas") in enthusiastic revelry spanning several days. It’s a...


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