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Lost in the Kitchen

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Mai Nguyen
    English 101
    First draft

In a humorous way, “Lost in the kitchen” of Dave Barry talked about the eternal issue of men which was how clumsy and hopeless they had been in the kitchen. Barry told the story of his Thanksgiving night when his friend, Gene, and he failed to help their wives prepare the meal. Instead, their job was to just watch the children, but they did not do it well, either because they were enjoying their interesting football game on TV. However, not every man was exactly this way; if a man was not able to help in the kitchen, he should have done well in other parts in order to support his woman.
In the beginning of the essay, Dave Barry showed his two new discoveries which were about men’s cumbersomeness in cooking part and the slowness of human sexual activity in Thanksgiving night. However, his main point was to affirm that men absolutely could not do anything in the kitchen, “Men are still basically scum when it comes to helping out in the kitchen” (Barry 82). This must sound funny, but it was somehow true for most men. As soon as a guy got into the cook place, all he would do were to aim at what could be taken to eat and soon make a great escape. The reason for a man to do this was the thought that cooking was the feminine obligation and she would be just fine without him.
Later on, he also said “most men make themselves as useful around the kitchen as ill-trained Labrador retrievers” (Barry 82). This was such a hopeless statement which asserted that men would be clumsy and useless in cooking works no matter what, so the most popular manner for them was to stay away from the kitchen. However, it would be remarkable if he could step in and offer to help. Surely, his wife was surprise at first, but she would respect and engrave this precious moment in her mind forever.
Next, Barry talked about his great Thanksgiving’s experiences at Gene’s house. Based on the scene of a holiday night, it was clear to see...


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