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"make what is not what it one day dreams of being" - Kevin

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Table of Contents

A Christmas Story
Ode to Video Games    
I Am Me        
If you really knew me        
Facing It    
Facing It    
I Am
Really Bad Poem
The Pain of a Pencil  
Better Really Bad Poem        

All that was seen
was the dismantled corpse of a human
The site was so strong  
it triggered the five sense
Sight was the dripping of blood
on tattered trees
Smell was the scent of sun dried blood
covering the grassy plains
Taste was blood smuggling your nose
as you struggle to breathe
Hear was the cry of soldiers trying to hang onto life
Touch was the feeling of the murderous machines use to kill                                            
The joy of these things filled my cold dead hearth with joy
War made me new
And today I felt reborn
I am the angel of death

A Christmas Story
“Jingle bells, jingle bells” was what my father sang.
As he hurried home to his wife and kids.
Traffic everywhere made my father mad.
he was driving home with his
almost forgotten presents
“Beep Beep” the agonizing sound
Of metallic boxes with wheels
Just a few more minutes my father thought
another Christmas has come and my father knew
the preparation he had to make before his kids woke up.
“Tick tock tick tock”
was the sound of my brother’s clock.
Pretending to sleep was what my brother did.
He had been waiting all night to see this so called Santa Claus
He knew he had been good.
He had not “pout”, he had not “cry”, he had been a “good boy” and he knew he was going to get present, because he was not a little kid any more.
All throughout the year our parents had lectured him about being good or Santa won’t come and give him present.
How stupid he felt he had believed all those years of a mythical
Santa Claus.
He figured out last year when he waited and no Santa came
but in the morning there were...


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