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Poetry Teaches You Fluency

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I can still remember the time when I heard my teacher telling her students about how important poetry is especially to English fluency, which I don't doubt at all, but here is my experience. After that class, I went home and immediately pumped my energy and enthusiasm into poetry. From that time until 15 July, I had spent a great deal of time reading and listening to poetry which undeniably helped me a lot, yet as time passed I began to lose interest and the time I used to spend on poetry began to lessen so greatly. Needless to say, I had forced myself many times to read at least a poem a day until finally quit thinking "How boring poetry can be!". It was not boring. It was just my attitude; I didn't like it or possibly I was not ready for it. Still, my teacher must have known that she is a literature teacher teaching classes of about fifty or sixty students or more and not expect all of these students to follow the same path she did. After all, everyone is different. Students might not be fascinated by poetry, but they're certainly fascinated by fluency and longing for the time in which they'll be speaking English naturally and confidently because fluency is their genuine goal not poetry. Many English teachers and probably some good English students claim that a certain subject they're interested in will help other students speak much better English which I think is completely irrational.

My teacher was correct, all the same. Language learners must in order to learn the language well find a certain path to it. This requires language learners to know that great listening and reading is the secret to great speaking, but every one must find out what they should be spending most of their time reading and listening to and this is where choosing a path come in. In fact, your path to the language is your connection to the language. It could be an emotional, social, or cultural connection. Your emotional connection is the one you connect to ideas, emotions, and...


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