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Mass Media

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Mass media such as movies or television significantly influences people's thoughts and behavior in good or bad ways.

First of all, people can have a positive influence on movies and television.
Human drama might tell us that what is really important in our life. We can think that the world is full of the beautiful things and the life has the value by itself. Comedy gives us who are irritated laughing loudly, so that we are able to be released by watching it. Romance tells us that love is splendid and also consoles lovers' sad heart. Documentary or education stuffs would provide people to gain information and news. For mastering foreign languages, learners can use foreign movies and TV shows.

However, movies and television have many bad influences as well. People is likely to spend much time watching useless programs. Some materials give us wrong information and others could be immoral . Sometimes they are so sensational that they make people frowned at. Too much watching screen will influence their health badly. Sensational or suggestive videos can also cause sexual crimes.

Above all, they can be harmful to young people in particular. Children are confused between reality and fiction. They believe what they are watching is true. Their misunderstanding causes some tragedies. A lot of juvenile delinquencies are the results of misunderstanding such kind of images. Boys watch that violent pictures with their friends and then do exactly what they have learned from them.

Like this, people are affected by films and TV programs in many ways. Therefore, it is very important to make the best use of them. Teachers and parents must help their children use images in a right way. They should control their visual time appropriately. KMRD, Korea Media Rating Board, ought to not only classify videos by ages but also regulate certain producers who make improper films or programs. Educating how to manage watching videos is required for students.


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