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Cooking as an Art

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Cooking as an Art

    Attending a cullinary arts school would be swell indeed. Though many do not see cooking or any of the cullinary acts an art. I beg to differ. I believe cullianry is all about art and has much to do with it.

    Since I was a child I loved art period. At first I wanted to become an artist. Dreadfully I realized I was no good at it. Another obsession came over me. That indeed was baking. I love to eat and I love to bake cakes, pies, cookies, brownies etc. I always found my self watching the cooking channel, copying down recipes making sure I don't leave out any ingredients. I go to my parents afterward begging them to buy me such. Years ago I remember my father taking me to the super market and letting me by these ingredients. I made a cake with a german chocolate ganache. Very scrumptiou indeed I might add. My father on the other hand was not fond of sweets and loved the cake, though he didn't go for my german chocolate ganache. I also made funnel cakes well they weren't really funnel cakes because I couldn't get them into those shapes. I simply balled them up and deep fried them and they came out delicous. I love cullinary with all my heart and couldn't live without it. I even found myself melting different chocolates, trying to make many different flavors. Since I couldn't really use the stove as much as I wanted, I always tried another way. The microwave! Beatiful invention by the way. No matter what I was always trying to cook up something in my house. Most times I just made a mess and had to clean it up. Then there were many other times I made something yummy and something that everyone in my household loved and enjoyed. To me art has many different definitions. So I would most definitely like to add cullinary is of course an art. You can invent your own recipes. Mix and add varieties of different ingredients and see what you get, and lastly have fun with what your doing.

    In conclusion, Cullianry is an art. An art that...


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