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The Art of Clowning

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I have been clowning since November of 1999, I have been a clown. I have realized that when I clown, another part of me is coming out. Eric isn't speaking, Nibblez is. Clowning is not stupid, It's an art. To be able to put your makeup right every time and perform takes a lot of skill. I thought it would be a piece of cake but realistically, it begins out tough. You have no idea what you are doing and you mess up where you think you wouldn't.

    My makeup was first applied by an English clown who has been clowning for over 50 years! Arthur "Vercoe" Pedlar was his name. He has taught me that when you go on stage, YOU don't perform, your clown does! It's true, your clown is in the wardrobe, and people see the clown, not the person behind the makeup. Pastor Randy "Simon" Christensen has taught me many lessons in clowning. He said, "There are four steps to clowning. First you have unconsciously unskilled, then consciously unskilled. Then you move to unconsciously skilled to consciously skilled."

    If you think clowning is just putting up makeup and acting like an idiot, you are far wrong. Anybody can be an idiot, but it takes many hours of practice to make your idiocy funny. Aha! theres the trick. I have had 13 years of being a funny idiot, so it came to me naturally. Making skits is really hard. With my ADHD I have to write down ideas when they pop into my head or else I don't remember them. I have performed many times at the church and at a high school.

    Another trick of being a clown is not to scare kids. I found this tough. No matter what I did to let them know I am a friend they still were scared. Then Pastor Randy told me and my clown buddies that hobo clowns look like a big scary monster. When they see the hobo the clown looks very realistic in the dark clothing. When an auguste or White faced clown come in they are less likely to frighten children. That's because they look like big dolls. Now whenever I go to see kids I take off...


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