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Theoretical Courses or Practical Courses

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When it comes to college curricula, there is never an unanimous consensus on whether theoretical courses should be taught in universities, triggering the common concern of the public, some of whom assume/ propose that it is unnecessary for college students to learn theoretical courses on campus due to lack of practicality. This very view sounds partial, and even absurd.

It is conceivable that theoretical courses are not beneficial to college students’ future, partly because these courses seem too difficult and complicated to comprehend, but principally because they appear irrelevant to students’ future careers. A case in point is that in China, too many philosophies make college students so puzzled and exhausted that they all reject these junk courses.

Although this viewpoint/standpoint contains some truth, it is under no circumstances appropriate/ rational for us to ignore/neglect/keep blind to the other side of the coin.

To start with, beneficial as practical courses are, the acquisition of practical skills must be based on adequate acknowledgement about theories. To simplify, if you want to pick up sufficient practical techniques, you have to learn some necessary theoretical knowledge. Furthermore, university is the very place which not only cultivates qualified staff with enough skills, but produces future scientists and researchers devoting themselves to the study of theories. It is estimated that most of contemporary scientists used to do theoretical research during their campus life. Last but not least, both theoretical courses and practical ones should be taught and treated equally. A latest survey launched by the Ministry of Education of P.R China reveals that over 89% of 3000 interviewed on-campus students admitted that both theoretical courses and practical courses could ensure their sound growth and bright future. Just as Clair, a world distinguished educator, points out, higher education without theoretical foundation seems Babylon   Sky...


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