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New Orleans (Dixieland) Music. Aswell as Small Bio on Louis Armstrong.

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Jazz investigation - New Orleans Style        

From around the 1900’s to 1917 jazz music was created and developed in
numerous American cities; The main type being New Orleans style (also
known as Dixieland) This type of music being the home of many different
and important jazz musicians such as Ferdinand “Jelly Roll” Morton, Louis
Armstrong and Joseph “the king” Oliver.

New Orleans style could be played by trained musicians who could read
musical notation, but for most it was played by ear with the musicians
solely relying on improvisation, with no need for knowledge of notation.
This type of music swept the world much like the coming of new discoveries
and technology in the early 20th century. The music could be heard at
picnics, parades, political meetings, dance halls and offcourse concerts at places such as
such as pubs, brothels, and many other areas where these musicians could
play as loud, or as brilliantly as they desired. Some African American musicians of this unique and original style of jazz even played at funeral processions.
One new Orleans style musician said “You’d march to the
graveyard playing very solemn and very slow, then on the way back all hell
would break loose! …we didn’t know what sheet music was. Just 6 or 7 pieces, half a dozen men pounding it all out together, each in his own way
and yet somehow fitting in alright with the others”
For many, this was the true meaning of New Orleans style music.

The history of new Orleans style, (also referred to as “Dixieland”) is a huge part of music today. “Dixieland” being the earliest style of jazz music, has influenced so many musicians and composers with a love for this style to create more, therefore creating styles like “bebop” (the newest style of jazz) and so on. Blues, ragtime and local brass bands came together sometime between the turn of the century & 1917 in Louisiana; New Orleans and created this “Dixieland” music. Why is this style music called such a strange...


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